Extending the healthspan by years in hours

At Rejuvenation we're rewinding the body's molecular aging clocks

  • Founders did their PhDs together reversing molecular mechanisms of aging
  • Combined 30+ years of experience in mRNA, protein, and delivery technologies
  • Biotech veterans
  • KOL MDs, MBAs, PhDs

Synergistic technologies

  • Highly efficient telomere extension, essential to life extension 
  • One dose reverses years of telomere shortening in hours (learn more)
  • Invented by the founders while at Stanford University
  • Synergistic with additional regenerative therapeutics
  • World-leading mRNA delivery vehicles

Proven efficacy

  • Increased survival 
  • Improved organ function
  • Reversal of fibrosis
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced biomarkers of aging
  • Effective in multiple age-related disease models


We are pursuing indications internally and in collaborations. Our mission is to make Rejuvenation’s technologies available for use as rapidly as possible.

Pipeline 2022.03.27


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