Reversing Aging

At Rejuvenation we're resetting mechanisms of aging

A major mechanism of aging: telomere shortening

Therapeutic mRNA to extend telomeres


We have a robust pipeline targeting the fundamental mechanisms of aging.  Our goal is to make rejuvenation treatments as routine as getting a flu shot.



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John Ramunas

Founder & CEO, Stanford PhD, Co-inventor, Decade of experience with mRNA for therapeutic applications. Thesis title: Telomere extension to extend human healthspan.

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Glenn Markov

Founder & COO, Stanford PhD, Decade of experience in genetics and epigenetics of cellular reprogramming.

Bo Yang

Bo Yang

Research Fellow, MD, MSc, PhD, CTBS, Clinical and Preclinical Development at Boehringer Ingelheim and Gilead.  Postdoc at Yale University on novel roles of ion transport proteins.


Kyle Brewer

Research Scientist, Postdoc at Stanford University on the proteomics of aging in the liver and brain, PhD in Biophysics at UT Southwestern on neurotransmitter release. 


Helen M. Blau

Founder & Advisor, Co-inventor, Professor at Stanford University, discovered that short telomeres underlie the fatal etiology of multiple monogenic diseases.

Apoorva Shankar

Apoorva Shankar

Life Science Research Associate, MSc in Biotechnology.

Jordan Spice


Bioengineering Research Associate, BSc in Bioengineering


Robin E. Holbrook

Director of Finance and Administration, Stanford AB in Cultural Anthropology,  30+ years of F&A experience supporting research excellence at Stanford School of Medicine.

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